Aerobics classes should be the most prolonged and intense

Aerobics classes should be the most prolonged and intense. For each age duration of the exercises should be different, after all, only correctly calculating the frequency and intensity of your workouts heart muscle. To the best result was the maximum frequency as 55% of the highest heartbeat. That is correct calculations will help us to deprive the body of excess fat.

Now let's talk about the duration of cardio. So for the first 20 minutes of glycogen in the body burned, and as a result of burning a large amount of energy. But you need to carefully monitor their pulse, as with increasing pulse will be burned muscle tissue. view more details:

Endomorphism - Genetically endomorphism tend to be overweight. Endomorphism completely opposed meromorphic in the availability of fat in the body. These people have a very slow metabolism. Mesomorphs need to constantly look over their body fat, carefully monitor how many calories they are released. Usually, people with such an impressive physique have weight (for the most part - it's not muscle mass) and also the constitution is their largest. Problems are problems ectomorphs endorphins. Only difference here is that the thin man with the wrong diet can lose more weight, and the total - more to add. Endomorphs reality is that it is always necessary to be mentally stressful experiences related because of his body, always watch your diet; do not under any circumstances leave the athletic training.


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